Strengthening the education of girls and boys in rural schools

R.D. Congo Kikwit, Democratic Republic of  Congo

Areas of action Quality Education and Gender Equality Education Gender

Care: 100 children, 300 youth people, and 120 teachers

Project amount; $27,500

Implementation period; 2022

Local support: Institution Theresienne Kikwit.

What will we do?

Generate conditions to strengthen the quality education of girls, boys and young people in rural schools in Kikwit, to promote learning opportunities and improve educational skills.

The project includes activities that link educational centers, teachers and families, through the development of different activities:

  • Training 120 primary school teachers
  • Intervention in 107 rural schools
  • Provision of textbooks
  • Setting up a library service for children and adults to encourage reading.
  • Training activities for young people and adults
  • Strengthening of women’s leadership and training in development issues.

What are rural schools?

Rural schools are educational centers that are located far away from the cities, so it is common to find inconveniences for transportation due to the lack of means of transportation and roads in good conditions, which makes children have to travel long distances to access education.

While in the cities the students have a specialized teacher for each subject, in the countryside the students attend classes with only one teacher, which makes it possible to create open classrooms where families are highly involved and where other local actors can also participate.

How will the funds raised be invested?

Activities Investment %
Equipment and supplies $ 1,300 5
Travels $ 2,600 9
Operation $ 6,000 22
Activity $ 10,480 38
Taxes $ 2,740 10
Surveillance and maintenance $ 4,380 16