Promoting women’s empowerment in rural areas

R.D. Congo Kikwit, Democratic Republic of  Congo

Areas of action Quality Education and Gender Equality Education Gender

Care: 170 girls, 50 rural women, and 10 rural men

Project amount; $24,300

Implementation period; 2022

Local support: REFEKI

What will we do?

To provide training resources and tools that contribute to improving the economic and social conditions of women living in rural areas who face poverty or who have limited access to credit, health care or education.

Therefore, the project focuses on strengthening their capacities, in a context in which gender disadvantages and structural barriers are added and where it becomes important to reinforce their capacities, strategies and protagonism, both individually and collectively, to achieve an autonomous life in which they can participate, on equal terms, in access to resources, recognition and decision making in all spheres of personal and social life of which they are a part.

The project focuses on developing activities such as:

  • Implementation of 4 Nutritional Centers
  • Development of vegetable gardens for the nutritional support of the participants.
  • Strengthening of women’s leadership in the community from a personal and collective empowerment approach.
  • Training in technologies that contribute to the promotion of economic activities.
  • Literacy courses
  • Awareness sessions on rights

What is women’s empowerment?

Women’s empowerment is the process of increasing women’s participation in all aspects of their personal and social lives. Thanks to it, they can be masters of their lives and participate fully and equally in all areas of their society, including decision-making and access to power.